Organizations can greatly benefit from gathering, storing and manipulating information; Constecca provides the tools you need to achieve efficient capture and flow of information across all of your operations. You can design tools inline with workflows your company already has in place – the advantages of customized systems are proven to lead to greater efficiency, process optimization and, streamlined operations.

Database and application development

Constecca specializes in the  development and deployment of value solutions for its clients. We are able to do this by using inexpensive or open-source software that is widely available for personal and commercial purposes. Whether you want a small database to track time, a comprehensive document control system or, a complex system to track cost, we can help. We can implement low cost systems using access and SQL or more advance systems using web technologies to develop user-friendly, cloud-based and cross-platform applications that can be accessed through most portable devices.

Project’s Information System Assessment and Recommendations

Information management has become centric to any type of organization, whether you are a small or medium-sized business your requirements to manage information are similar in nature. Constecca can study your company requirements and provide recommendations for hardware, software and other resources needed for an efficient capture, storage and flow of information.

Information Research for Claim Purposes

Constecca is experienced in substation of claims, we can gather and assigned information to any particular dispute you are looking to substantiate; we create a timeline of events that led to the dispute.

Data Mining

Companies that are able to collect vast volumes of data do not necessarily take full advantage what the data can represent or how in can aid in future decision making. Constecca can help mine your information so you can find patterns, and any bottlenecks in your operations and act accordingly to optimize your processes and procedures.